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We very much welcome people who would like to be married at St Pancras.

Weddings in the Church of England are an opportunity to make a commitment to your partner in the presence of your friends and family and before God. You will also have the support and guidance of the church minister as you prepare for your big day. 

For more information about holding your wedding at St. Pancras, please contact the church office either by phone or via or via Contact Us - we will do everything we can to ensure your special day is all you could wish for.

Pictured below:  The wedding of Sue & John Newell

on the 19th May 2022

Sue & John Newell Wedding 19.5_edited.jpg
Sue & John Newell Wedding 19.5.22 3.jpg
Sue & John Newell Wedding 19.5.22 4.jpg
Sue & John Newell Wedding 19.5.22 2.jpg
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