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Holding Hands


1 john 4.16

Loving God

God is love. Only persons can love. Which means that God is a person – not just a force or a feeling or a wish.  The good news of the Christian faith is that God's love and forgiveness are real. God’s love is restoring broken lives through the life and teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Whether you know this already or you're exploring this for the first time, God's love is the foundation of all Christian hope. At St Pancras we don't have all the answers, but through prayer, reading the Bible and the work of God's Holy Spirit, we trust that we are growing in God's love. 

If you'd like to find out more now, why not watch this short video:

Loving God Banner 20210613_112901216_iOSa.jpg
Loving God Banner20210613_113137664_iOSa.jpg

Do you have questions about Jesus or want to know more about church?  We at St Pancras would love to help you in your search.  Why not contact us with your question or read some testimonies about how God has touched people's lives at St Pancras.

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