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Christian Resources

Here are a number of links you may find helpful in learning more about the Christian faith and which provide practical help, spiritual growth, encouragement and inspiration.


321 - The story of God, the World and You.  If Christianity is a house, consider 321 ‘the grand tour’. You’re invited to step inside and have a look at the Christian faith from within.

Christians Against Poverty is a debt counselling charity passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes. 

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Transform your time with God - First5 is about putting God first by giving Him the first 5 minutes of each day.

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Kids Matter engages local churches to equip parents and carers facing disadvantages with confidence, competence and community, enabling their children to thrive.

Kintsugi Hope - The name comes from 'Kintsugi' (金継ぎ), a Japanese technique for repairing pottery with seams of gold. The word means 'golden joinery' in Japanese. This repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the object more beautiful, and even more unique than it was prior to being broken. Instead of hiding the scars it makes a feature of them.

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LECTIO 365 is a daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day; this resource helps you engage with Scripture to inspire prayer and shape your life.

New Wine - Being a Christian isn’t a life to be lived alone, but within effective relationships and family. The New Wine network is designed to nurture these relationships.

Plymouth Foodbank works with a range of local agencies who meet people at risk of going hungry.  It also runs a More Than Food programme to provide additional support alongside emergency food, to help people address the underlying issues behind their crisis

PrayerMate helps you pray consistently for the people and causes you care about; helps you organise your prayer life, know what to pray for, and actually pray.

Shekinah believes that everyone deserves to be given another chance and provides opportunities for people in recovery or seeking recovery. This may include recovery from homelessness, drug and alcohol issues, offending behaviours or mental ill health.

Spring Harvest brings the whole church together to worship, learn and share life as we encounter God.  They are passionate about creating events and resources that make space for God to do his awe-inspiring work in and through all of us.

Biblically centered, relevant experiences that encourage people to seek God - YouVersion offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at

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