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You and your child are precious to God, and we are delighted that you are thinking about baptism. If you are not sure about why you might want to be baptised, then here is a helpful summary of what baptism means. If you'd like to find out more, please do contact us here.

You can also have your child Christened, whether or not you are baptised yourself. If you’re not already a member of St. Pancras, we’ll ask you to consider coming to our Sunday services and to take part in a baptism preparation course, meeting other families. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn more about the promises of baptism. 

A baptism service requires  commitment from parents.  In the case of those too young to make a decision for themselves, baptism is sign of what their parents hope for them: that they will grow up as Christian believers and never remember a time when they weren’t. 

In a simpler Thanksgiving Service we praise God for his gift of a child and thank him for the love of friends and family. 

Baptism is at the heart of an amazing journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. You are never too old to take this step, and being baptised as an adult is a wonderful experience.

If you'd like to find out more, one of the team at St Pancras will be able to explain these options to you in more detail.  Please get in touch via or via Contact Us - we will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes.

Mother and Baby


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