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Hamper Collections (Feast of Fun at Home)

During the Coronavirus pandemic the Feast of Fun and Hamper Collection activities combined and we’ve been glad to be part of the Plymouth-wide Feast of Fun at Home. As we look ahead to how we can continue to reach out with God’s love to our local community, this is an opportunity to review and give thanks for all that has been done. Across the city, over the six week summer holiday, 19 churches were involved in providing food to more than 8,000 people, or the equivalent of 168,700 meals.


At St Pancras we have worked with local schools for some time to tackle holiday hunger for families who normally receive free school meals.

Mariska Minter - Families & Outreach Worker

In 2020 this problem has become more widespread with around 50 local families being referred to us for hampers during holidays and lockdown periods – we have incorporated this into our community event as Feast of Fun at Home, drawing volunteers to help both from church and the local community so that all families who normally attend events can still be involved in this community building project.

Mariska Minter (our Families & Outreach Worker) led the communication with the families and has brought together this lovely feedback from some of the 85 adults and 140 children. Thank you to all who volunteer time, money and love...

“The Hampers are absolutely amazing and pasties were delicious  - the kids and us enjoyed every mouthful. Thank you so much. We are finding it more of a struggle than we ever have before especially as we are looking after 2 extra children. The outdoor gifts kept us all amused for hours - the kids have been playing with the badminton in the garden. Thank you so much for your hard work in supporting families in need through these difficult times.”

“We always look forward to seeing what is in the hampers and the kids love working out what we can all cook with it. We had had a very nice bread and butter pudding one week! The fresh veggies are so good as we peel and chop as a family and we all get to eat the same thing at the same time. I know how much my children like it when I'm eating with them.”

“Hampers are a fantastic help and very much appreciated. Especially the special diet items and often resources to occupy the kids - they loved the outdoor toys, especially the football!!! The sausage rolls and pasties were a hit with some salad and chips – nice warm tums before bed. I also look forward to getting out of the house for 10 minutes and having a chat with some friendly faces!!! “

“I couldn’t go to bed without thanking you and all those lovely people – we had such a great family meal tonight ( its been a while since we all sat together) with the lovely food you provided – a special evening."

“Thank you for the chat and the hamper was absolutely FANTASTIC – the take-aways were a good idea. We went on moors and played with the bat and ball my son loved it and it got him out as he has been shielding. “

Copy of COVID-19 Hampers


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