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buddies club

Buddies Club

Buddies Club is held at Shakespeare School and we are very grateful to them for allowing us to run this club on their premises.   

We are welcomed each Wednesday afternoon, usually as the children are going in for assembly.  Many of the children greet us with great excitement, informing us that they are coming to Buddies Club.  All this gives the team a real sense of satisfaction that not only are we welcome but that we are creating a strong and lasting relationship with staff and children. Even more encouraging is seeing ex-Buddy children now attending the same school with their children and greeting us with smiles.


The routine is to start with an energetic game to release any pent-up energy, followed by quieter games, a time of prayer and a short film clip, based on a Bible story.  In the following week we all do a craft based on the previous week's film clip. The children are also challenged to remember the Bible stories from the previous week.

Newcomers are very welcome; you can get in touch via or via Contact Us to find out how to get involved in all  the fun.

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