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I am the Church Treasurer which means that I witness first-hand how faithful God is in his provision, often through the generous giving of his people, and without which we would be unable to pay our bills. I also host a Home Group in which about 10 of us meet together to support each other in our walk with God through the ups and downs of life.  


I have been a Christian from an early age, though I look on my time at Nottingham University as decisive in terms of my commitment. My wife and I are Yorkshire bred, but have lived in Plymouth for over 30 years and love it here. Prior to retiring I was a mechanical engineer and developed a particular interest in naval architecture which I taught, firstly in the Royal Navy and then at Plymouth University. We have two adult sons and two grandchildren.


My particular interests are walking, running, sailing and touring with our caravan. 

Peter Dyson - Treasurer

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