Personal Testimonies


It's always interesting and encouraging to hear of individual spiritual journeys in the Christian faith.  Here is one from our Curate, Sarah Sharland.

"I've not been a Christian all my life. In fact, most of my life I was an atheist. God was too fantastic a concept for me. Then I attended an Alpha Course which was an opportunity to explore the Christian faith.  For me, attending Alpha was the way in to look deeper into the claims in the Bible about Jesus.  I became more and more interested in what I heard.  It stood up to reason.  I began to turn the radio up instead of over whenever anything to do with Christianity came on.  Then, towards the end of the course I had a wonderful experience with the Holy Spirit and realised that God is real.  I was compelled there and then to put my faith in Jesus.

After that happened, I spent several months with my mind as if it were in the spin cycle of a washing machine because once I knew that God was real I had to rethink all my understanding about how the world works. It was awe inspiring to realise that all of nature had been carefully created by God. And more than that, people are created by God in his image too."


My life has not been the same since.  I now know that I am never alone, that wherever I go Jesus is always with me and this is a huge comfort.  There is much more to my story.  Why don’t you ask me sometime?  I’d be happy to talk about it."